The Shoulder (2016)

-A FreeBox Short-

A young man kidnaps his older brother and drives him cross country to wean him off heroin. 

Based on the nationally acclaimed play "Hugging the Shoulder" by Jerrod Bogart

Directed by: Rebekah Nelson

Produced by: Michael C. Freeland & Rebekah Nelson

Starring: Jordan Gwiazdowski, Jerzy Gwiazdowski & John Warren

Dakota (2019)

-A FreeBox Short-

A young widow still mourning the death of her husband decides to

brave the uncharted waters of online dating.

Written & Directed by: Chris Joslin

Produced by: Rebekah Nelson & Chris Joslin

Starring: Kate Herman & Jeff Ostermueller

"Bee True To You" (2019)

-A FreeBox Music Video-

'Bee True To You', is the theme song from the Pop/Rock Anti-Bullying Program, that is Bee True To You, for ALL Ages!​

Directed & Produced by: Rebekah Nelson 

Starring: Ashley Tobias

Production Stills

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